herCAREER – to give HER a voice

herCAREER is more than an event – herCAREER is THE platform for female career. It is a platform for networking at eye level.

This is what herCAREER wants: to give HER a voice

We want women to be seen and heard, particularly those women, who are not so loud. For this we want to create a space. Instead of hierarchies: door openers. Instead of PR strategies: authenticity. Instead of competition: solidarity and fairness. We strive to promote an inclusive togetherness following the example set by herCAREER. This togetherness creates a space for women where they are seen and heard. A place at the table where decisions are made.

Our Mission

Gender Equality – for us at herCAREER this means: a fair workplace for everyone. For women, men, and all others beyond this binary. For everyone regardless of their social status, their education, their nationality, or their family situation. We are committed to promote equality in the workplace in order to enable equity, inclusion, and true diversity. On the way to this goal, it is vital to include the female perspective so that women’s views don’t get the short end of the stick. In this spirit, we strive to support and empower women in their professional environment. If each one of us feels empowered to unfold and make use of their full potential, this eventually also benefits the economy and the society as a whole.